How to Send GIF Files on WhatsApp

Nowadays WhatsApp is the renowned messaging application. Whatsapp has millions of user and everyone have become obsessed of it.Every android user is using this application to share message, photos, videos, Documents. As WhatsApp allow the user to create group of friends, family member, school friends so that message written by one participant can be broadcast among all the participants of that group. WhatsApp provide lots of feature like sometimes we are not able to express our feeling to the receiver just by texting to him/or so it provides different kind of emojis like when you are happy you can send smile emoji and many more.Whatsapp also provide the feature of sending GIF(graphic interchange format). Gif is basically an image file format that is animated by combination of several other images or frame into a single file.This gif also used while conversation to express our feeling or express reaction.

So today i am going to tell you in this post that how to send gif in whatsapp.

So let me tell you that this feature of sending gif in android was not available previously.But when facebook own this company that results in sending this kind of file formats that can be search over internet at instant.

Android user are can send a huge variety of moving images.Like whatever you are feeling just type in the message box.Then it will show you option to search over internet and also show the file format like you want simple photo,video,gif and others. Okay let’s understand step by step

  • Suppose you want send any gif open the yowhatsapp application and choose your friend or whom you want to send gif.

  • After That just start typing messages to your contact. When you see the keyboard prompt it will also show the google option on the top left corner of the keyboard.

  • Tap on the google option and the it shows a text field that in turn shows different kind of searches like video search,photo search, gif search.Tap on the gif search and type whatever you’re feeling.It will show many results related to your feeling that you have typed.Then youo can choose anyone to send by just tapping on it.

  • You can also send the small section of any video as the Gif image in whatsapp. Follow these steps to do this:

Open the whatsapp chat that you want to use to send the Gif. NOw click on the + sign in the bottom left corner and it will redirect you to the gallery section of your phone.Now choose the video that you want to use.Now trim the part of he video or crop the video using the tools in the top right hand corner and then toggle the blue icon to gif.This process will result in the formation of gif of chosen video Now you can send it in usual way.

Alternatively you can press and hold a shared gif to save it to your phone.So that’s it for today I hope you have understood how share gif on whatsapp.